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Proworx is a creative branding agency based in the heart of Sussex. We work to inspire and create powerful brands that deliver through curiosity, creativity and communication. We are a versatile team with the desire to work in partnership to create an environment where clients are very much part of the creative process. We’re proud of what we do – building relationships, thinking big, obsessing over the details and bringing your brands to life.

David Sheppard

David is the Creative Director responsible for making sure all the lids are on the felt tips at the end of the day. 
Loves it when a client does the old eyes closed nodding when they see his creative for the first time. Loves a colour palette that makes a client shuffle forward in their seat, a font that makes them angle their head. Believes a well executed illustration provides a good start to get the creative juices flowing.

Richard Brooks

Richard is the pragmatic calm head in a creative storm. Keeping the plates spinning and the wolves from the door.
Doesn’t do waffle or buzz word bingo, but gives clear and considered advice that brings ideas to life.

Jack Sleight

Jack does things with zeros and ones that amaze even us…
Loves to answer the question… “Could you develop something that can do this?” with “I can, but have you thought about this as well?”.
Master builder of all things CSS, CMS and SOS for some clients.

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